Let us work the works of him that sent us, while it is day: when night cometh, no man can work. -St. John 9:4


The furniture drive is at this time the only event that is not addressed each year due to the expense and the availability of storage of such large items. All though this project is currently being sponsored every other year, it is available to those in need at any time throughout that year. All applicants are carefully screened and must be preapproved in order to qualify for this assistance.

Cool Breeze

Warm-A-Heart provides a limited supply of new electric fans to help the elderly, disabled, and other needy families whose homes do not have the benefit of air conditioners in order to help them keep cool during the hot summer months.

Winter Gear

The purpose of this project is to help provide much needed support for the homeless and needy persons in the community during the winter. Warm-A-Heart provides blankets, hats, coats, gloves, socks, and sometimes winter boots for those in need of warm items during the winter season.

Give-A-Book Ministry

The Give-A-Book project is especially focused on children from Pre-K through high school. This event serves as an avenue of encouragement and support for children who are hospitalized, homeless, or need help.

School Clothing

Warm-A-Heart will help to provide new clothes and shoes to needy children at the beginning of the school year. These children usually come by recommendation from someone other than an immediate family member. Families through referrals can access our clothing bank several times throughout the year.

Book Bag Basics

This worthwhile project provides school supplies to help disadvantaged children start the school year off right. These supplies are given to needy children during the first month of the traditional school year.

Feed The Need

This program provides a limited amount of food to the elderly and other persons throughout the year. Food bags and/or boxes are prepared based on the size of the families being served. During the fall months, vouchers for perishable goods are included when funds allow. Warm a heart also has a food bank in full operation throughout the year.

Snack Sack

Warm-A-Heart prepares food snack packs especially for the homeless in conjunction with the December Winter Gear project. These snacks contain foods that need no heat or refrigeration. The snacks come with drinks and water.

Water Works

Warm-A-Heart provides free bottled water to a select number of elderly and needy families who live in areas without the benefit of indoor plumbing. Bottled water for drinking and personal care is distributed during the months of April and October, or by special request according to the need and the size of the families at other times during the year.

Clothing and Shoe Department

The Warm-A-Heart Center includes separate clothing departments for Infant/Toddlers, Girls and Teens, Women, Men, Boys and Young Men, plus a full shoe department for all ages.


The Give-A-Bag/Basket project serves a broad spectrum of people including the elderly who are homebound, in nursing homes, veteran’s hospitals, men and women in recovery centers, children’s hospitals, homeless shelters, or those who are hungry, hurting, or lonely. This project is active year-round and is fully funded by Warm-A-Heart.

Homeless Hygiene

The hygiene kit is prepared especially for the homeless and a select number living in transition homes. The kit contains such items as: soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, band aids, and wet hand towels. Men and women’s kits differ.

Bed N' Bath

Warm-A-Heart has included a Bed N Bath area in the center. This Bed N Bath includes new blankets, sheets, towels, comforters and other bed coverings. One could easily find other items such as wall decors, mirrors, curtains, bath mats, shower items and a host of miscellaneous bed and bath items to help a needy family or families start or restart a home.

Kitchen N' House

This department is stocked with new and slightly used items that will fit well in any Kitchen N House. Some items included here are: Eating and serving utensils, new pots and pans, glassware, silverware, ovenware, stoneware, storage canisters, small appliances, lamps, small tables, fans, mirrors, wall art, and a host of items helpful in decorating a plain room.