Let us work the works of him that sent us, while it is day: when night cometh, no man can work. -St. John 9:4

What We Offer

Warm-A-Heart provides the following services to meet the immediate requests of families in need throughout our community.

  • Food Bank
  • Clothing Bank
  • Furniture & Other Household Goods
  • Shelter Assistance (for the homeless when funds are available)

Children's Ministry:

  • Give-A-Book
  • Give-A-Bag
  • School Clothing
  • Book Bag Basics
  • Special Seasonal Activities

Ministry to the Elderly:

  • Cool-Breeze (fans for summer comfort)
  • Winter Gear (blankets, throws, and warm socks)
  • Give A Bag/Basket (special gifts throughout the year)
  • Feed The Need (special food boxes/bags throughout the year)
  • Mission Red Roses (flowers for special occasions)

Ministry to the Homeless Community:

  • Snack Sacks (selected occasions)
  • Hygiene Kits (yearly activity)
  • Winter Gear (cold weather gear and blankets)
  • Give-A-Meal Certificates (feeding the need)

Short-term Goal: To provide shelter certificates for needy and homeless.
Long-term Goal: To provide shelter